According to the countries which the participants depart from, some of them may have to obtain visas from their own countries they live in for enabling to visit Japan

Actually, if you want to apply for your visa to the official bureau attached to your native country, the local organizing committee for NAO2018 may have to prepare for your visa not before your departure but before your application, and it may take about one month for the local organizing committee in Japan to compose application documents which are required by the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Therefore, we would like to ask all the participants to send your e-mail informing us of being under the necessity of your visa as soon as you can.

Correspondence Please correspond to
The International Research Working Group in Nonlinear Analysis and Convex Analysis (WGNACA)

E-mail: nao2018(at)

Application for visas Please refer to the follwoing website:

Website: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan